One First Impression

Since there is only one chance for your property to make a good impression, you want to make it count! 
  • Curb Appeal - A clean driveway, freshly mowed lawn, and neatly trimmed bushes will have you well on your way to giving your property good curb appeal. Perhaps a coat of paint, or a newly planted flower bed is in order. These things are fairly low cost while they will impress potential Buyers.
  • Interior - Clear away knickknacks to leave surfaces seemingly spacious. Take large and bulky furniture to storage, leaving floor surfaces easily maneuvered. Do your best to give potential buyers plenty of room to get through halls and doorways. Remember "Less is More."
  • Polish That Shiny Stuff! - Even though not very noticeable, when household items have even a thin layer of dust on them, they lack an appealing sense of cleanliness. Polish the mirrors, counters, toaster, even the light switch plates!
  • Small Repairs - Even though some repairs can be made during escrow (I do discourage that if possible.), you should make sure everything the potential buyer comes in contact with is in good working order. Drippy faucets, squeaky steps, and loose doorknobs can easily create a bad impression. On-the-other hand, if everything is pleasing to the buyer, they may very well bring an excellent offer.