Talk About Nets

Before Listing Your Property will want to determine if selling is the right decision for you (and your family).
  • Pricing Strategy - Pricing strategy entails in-depth research to determine market value. You will have information for me about your property, such as upgrades, that I need in order to adequately evaluate fair market price. 
  • A Good Value - You AND your Buyer want a good value! You will want to get off to a strong start by making your property look like a good value. In other words, don't be tempted to over-price.
  • Net Sale Proceeds - Your net sale proceeds can be estimated at our first meeting. I will inform you of the various closing costs such as Escrow fees. And we can talk about any of your anticipated repair expenses if applicable. 
  • Marketing Plan - After determining whether or not Net Sale proceeds makes selling a reasonable plan, I will share with you how I will market your home. The plan will reach out to Brokers, Real Estate Agents, and Buyers interested in seeing your property.
  • Disclosures & Advisories - Before I list your home I will show you the many disclosures and advisories mandated by California law. I believe in keeping my clients informed.