Prepare Property to Sell

  • Who will be at your property?- Brokers and Real Estate Agents, sometimes many at once. And of course potential Buyers. Maybe one or two Realtors all day for an Open House. Don't worry, most agents are considerate of your time; they will make appointments.
  • Timing - It's always nice to have a few hours to get ready for a showing. Just the same, do your best to keep the property ready to show. Sometimes Buyers want to see your property Right Now! I trust you and their agent can work that out. But if a "buyer" rings your doorbell without an appointment, I advise you give them your Realtor's business card and ask them to set an appointment. 
  • Special Instructions - Do you have a dog? Maybe you live in a gated community. You and your Realtor will figure out a strategy to show your property with special instructions. After you do, that information will be spelled out in the Agent Listing section of the MLS.
  • Privacy -  Privacy goes both ways. Allow the buyers enough space to talk freely about the house. Also, it may be a good idea to put away some personal properties to avoid possible feelings of awkwardness. The buyer's agent is a professional, and is trained to respect and protect your property. But better to be safe than sorry; keep valuable items & medications out of sight.